High quality podcasts and other voice recordings with editing and post-production for publishing. We can record up to 4 guests simultaneously.

Recording gear:
x4 SHURE SM7B dynamic microphones
x3 EV RE320 dynamic microphones
x1 RODE NTG4+ shotgun microphone
x1 RODE Blimp
x1 Sennheiser wireless lavalier 
x7 RODE PSA1 boom arms
x1 BEHRINGER UMC404HD audio interface
x1 Zoom H6 audio interface and recorder
x4 sE DM1 preamps
x3 microphone floor stands


Video support for podcasts and online shows with post-production for publishing on video streaming services.

Video gear:
x1 Sony a6500
x1 Sony a7 III
x1 iPhone X
x1 iPhone 11
x4 softbox studio lights
x1 Walimex pro Octagon softbox
x1 Falcon Eyes biColor LED LPS-2100TD
x2 Walimex pro Sirius 160 B-LED Basic

LIVE streams

Live streaming is the new black and "OM Studio" can offer all of the necessary aspects - great sound and stunning visual quality.

Media training

We offer great facilities for radio or TV media practice for students and aspiring soon-to-be professionals. You can also record and develop university and other kinds of projects.


Our design team can also help with a visual identity for your new project - logo, brand assets, social assets, cover art for streaming platforms and video pre-rolls.


If you want to record your podcast at the location of your choosing we can provide you with all the necessary equipment and assistance. Also, our cozy "OM Studio" space is available for private events or projects.